Monday, July 23, 2007

[Music] Classical Songs from Films: HMV

HMV has a huge collection of melodies recorded during the Golden Era of Hindi Film music. No wonder that it keeps on churning out compilations of these songs in various categories. Recently, I chanced to have a valuable piece of the same.

Classical Songs from Films is a pack of 2 CDs, costing Rs. 250/-. A look at the contents is enough to justify the price. It has most of the popular favourites such as:

  • Madhuban Me Radhika-Rafi
  • Bole re papihara-Vani Jairam
  • Ajahu Na aaye-Rafi/Suman
  • Sawan aaye na aaye-Rafi/Asha
  • Naino mein badra chhaye-Lata
  • Rasik Balma-Lata
  • Aayo Kahan Ghanashyaam-Manna De
  • Puchcho na kaise maine-Manna De
  • Biti na bitai raina-Lata
  • Hume tumse pyar kitna-Parveen Sultana

It also has some songs that are quite unheard of... My personal favourites among these are:

  • Ja Re Badra bairi ja: Lata
  • Tere Naina Talaash Karein: Manna De
  • Garjat Barsat Sawan Aayo Re: Suman
  • Re mann sur mein gaa: Manna De-Asha
  • Ketaki Gulab Juhi: Manna De-Bhimsen Joshi

As someone who has grown on MP3s, buying this pack was in itself was a major milestone for me. Indeed, why buy 25 songs for Rs. 250/- when you can get nearly 100-130 songs for something like 30/-? However, since I have been harping a lot about protecting my own IPR (An Open Letter to Forward Enthusiasts) , the realization has been that I must respect the same in others too! MP3s clearly do not achieve this. Moreover, an original CD definitely has much better sound quality!

Do get this pack in your collection. Nothing can match the pleasure of listening to "Ja re badra bairi ja" on a cloudy evening, or listening to Manna De and Asha Bhonsle match each other note for note in "Re mann sur me gaa"...

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