Wednesday, December 12, 2007

[Autobiography] iWoz : Steve Wozniak

IBM may have started the revolution, but the era of personal computers began with Apple 1 and Apple 2, created almost single-handedly by Steve Wozniak. Hence, when I came across his autobiography, it was hard not to pick it up!

iWoz differs from other memoirs in the respect that there is no undue stress on dates and places; instead the focus is on events that shaped him. Particularly interesting is the part played by his father in developing the curiosity of an intelligent child.

Steve emphasizes the pride he feels to be an engineer, a statement that recurs throughout the book. He recounts the early days of Apple, its amazing rise to become one of Fortune 500 companies in a decade, and the reasons that led to many of the controversies. He concludes with “Rules to Live By”, a chapter in which he discusses his philosophy of life at length.

Language is disarmingly simple and unpretentious. Every thought is dealt in short paragraphs, focusing on the bare essentials. The book gives an insight into the life of a man who can undoubtedly be said to be one of the pioneers of computer age, and clears a few misconceptions about Apple, one of most innovative companies of our times.

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