Sunday, September 15, 2013

Movie marathon

Catching up on my To-Watch movies list. Done with....

One of the best gangsta movies I have seen. Al Pacino's Tony Montana act is very impressive.

Finding Neverland: 
Didn't know Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet did a movie together. Glad they did this one. But the little boy Peter steals the show.

The Insider: Russel Crowe and Al Pacino in one movie!

Serenity (sci fi), Into the Wild (superb!), Identity (suspense thriller, awesome!!), Zero Dark Thirty, and The Way Back (Ed Harris and Collin Farrell ) All good stuff. 

Wish I had stayed miles away from Piranha 3DD. They have made a mockery out of it.

Have got hold of Abyss (James Cameron), Total Recall ( 1 and 2) and Babylon AD. Have seen these quite some time back, but it's good to have them in the collection. 

Watched two science fiction movies based on the theme of time travel.

"The Primer
...has quite a complex plot, dialogue is full of scientific jargon. This is a movie that the better you understand the more you enjoy -(just like Inception). 

... explores the idea of what would happen if you travelled back in time and killed your own self. Both movies recommended.

"The Moon"
.... One of the more intriguing science fiction films that I have seen. No special effects, no action sequences, the movie contains only one character and his robot companion, yet keeps you hooked till the end.

...  Good sci-fi movie, first half a little boring, the second half much exciting.

Some good things lined up...
After watching Jeremy Brett's stellar performance in "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Jeremy Brett", I didn't wish to watch anyone doing Holmes. But this BBC series seems to be a worthy exception. Have seen some snippets, awaiting the real stuff. 

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