Monday, July 17, 2017

[Movie] Rush

After Michael Schumacher retired, I had stopped keeping 'track' of Formula-1 races. So, watching this movie last evening was a trip down the memory lane, reminiscing about the days of cutting photographs of 'Schumi' from Sportstar and other magazines. 

The movie portrays the intense rivalry between two F-1 pro's of the 1970s, Niki Lauda and his arch rival, James Hunt. Directed by Ron Howard (Apollo 13/ A Beautiful Mind), the plot remains largely true to the historical accuracies, complemented by some top-notch acting and snippets of dialog, especially by Lauda. 

If the VROOM, VROOOOM sound and the sight of huge tyres scorching the tracks send an adrenaline rush through you and if you enjoy watching tightly-edited, fast-paced movies, this one is for you.

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