Wednesday, September 13, 2017

[TV Series] The Big Bang Theory

I was feeling withdrawal symptoms after the Game of Thrones Season 7 ended. So, last weekend, I went back and watched some episodes from another series.... and enjoyed them as much as I did the first time almost 9 years ago!

The Big Bang Theory” was/is a popular series on CBS from 2007 onward, revolving around a group of scientists and their antics. Most of the nerds could identify themselves with the razor-sharp repartees of Sheldon, the good-natured humour of Leonard, the lovable personality of Raj and the sleazy but witty Howard
Interestingly, although Leonard was perhaps the lead character, Jim Parsons as Sheldon did such an amazing job that he practically swept up the show, earning a couple of Grammy awards in the process.

And then, there was Penny… Oh, she deserves a special write-up, but... ahem, perhaps for a select audience  😉

The show was unique in the sense that quite a few of REAL scientists, including Stephen Hawking and NASA astronaut Mike Massimino, appeared on it in cameo roles. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching first 5 seasons. Seasons 6 and 7 were also quite good; but there was a feeling that the show was having less and less of nerdiness and more leaning towards a generic sitcom like ‘Friends’. I stopped watching it after a few episodes of 8th season, and haven’t watched seasons 9 and 10.

It seems that season 11 will be aired this year (Sept 25, 2017) and season 12 the next year. Perhaps it’s a good time to catch up on these old friends.

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