Sunday, February 4, 2001

[Astronomy] Seven Wonders of Cosmos

This book provides a glimpse into some of the most exciting and intriguing areas in astronomy and astrophysics. The seven wonders discussed here are not individual objects, but rather subject areas representing a range of mysterious phenomena, a class of spectacular events or a population of remarkable cosmic objects that have challenged human curiosity and defied explanation, at least so far. Using simple analogies and a wealth of illustrations, Prof. Narlikar skillfully steers us on a cosmic journey.
We come across the first wonder as soon as we leave the Earth… sun rising in the west, a dark sky in spite of the blazing sun! The second wonder is about the Red Giants & White Dwarfs; and about how the stars are born, evolve and die. Third wonder describes the catastrophic event of a supernova explosion. The fourth wonder is the Pulsars, the ultimate timekeepers of the universe. Fifth wonder is about neutron stars and black holes and the ‘dictatorship’ of gravity. The sixth discusses strange illusions observed in space and last wonder is the majestic expansion of universe as a whole.
Finally, we look at other unsolved cosmic mysteries and speculate on what the eight wonder might be.

With lucid prose and humorous anecdotes, the author weaves together these exciting mysteries and shows us how these motivate the astronomers to unravel the wonders of future.

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