Thursday, August 5, 2004


Well, I just read a book on a bit off-the-beat subject and liked it immensely.
Author : Desmond Morris

The book is about human actions, how actions become gestures, and how gestures transmit non-verbal messages. In short, the book is about the "Body Language."
In a clear, lucid way, the author describes a whole range of our day-to day actions, gestures, movements, signs & signals-- most of which we perform sub-consciously. He explains how people from different communities behave in public and in private, and also analyzes the fundamental patterns which govern typical actions-reactions.
Packed with almost a hundred diagrams, sketches and photographs, the book makes us
aware of the fact that as a species we may have advanced technologically, but we have not yet entirely shed our 'animal' traits of being bodily active.

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